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长沙柒零叁网站建设|颈腰腿痛贴Turning his horse's head and looking at a group of excited soldiers, Reuben laughed, "Men, come home!""Patriarch, I heard that Mo Ba tribe was occupied by the huns two days ago, is it not good to do so?" The maid, like an octopus, is wrapped around the man, letting him nibble at his white breast, laughing wildly."Astonishing?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Fei San, nodded and laughed, "Say, what do you want, as long as your amazing secret enough weight, the general will not be stingy."

"It's done." Country's cynical face also a little more dignified, Look at cao caodao: "Two months ago, Lyu3 bu4 alone into the prairie, under the pseudonym Temujin, disguised as a remnant of the Huns, Take refuge in xianbei king's court, Help xianbei khan sweep away the five tribes in distress, Instigate kui head led hundreds of xianbei army and kim lianchuan chieftain daxi new decisive battle yinfeng gorge, lyu3 bu4 life people dig up a river on the banks of the yinshan, water back into the yinfeng gorge, a battle to kill the huns main force of 250,000 troops, including the huns khan kui head, more than 20 people of the tribal leaders! ""One, two, three, three.""Our words speak louder and louder." Falling in grant with a wave of his hand, eyes looked down to the army, all cavalry, with the commanding general, have stopped at the place of an arrow, neat, apparently well-trained.长沙柒零叁网站建设|Lyu3 bu4 looked up, she chucked out a scream, the sky, the eagle happy and sent out a crow, like an arrow general wings a shock, flying in the direction of lyu3 bu4, near lyu3 bu4 in the moment, a flapping wings, with a huge air flow blown lyu3 bu4 need to spread.

长沙柒零叁网站建设|Since then Chen Shang will cry out this sentence, how heroic it sounds, just these years, never a moment, zhaoyun can like at this moment, have the mood to match this sentence, but lyu3 bu4 did, even more than the champion hou, huo qubing that year is only named Wolf JuXu, unfortunately days off, did not make greater achievements."Death?" Lyu3 bu4 finally stood up, The whole satrap mansion, Everybody felt their chests smothered, A group of county soldiers watched lyu3 bu4 striding toward patronage, One step, two steps, Three steps, each step, As if all step on everyone's chest, let a person unbearable, the body more like don't listen to the general, just a person forward, but this moment, but give a face to the feeling of thousands of troops, as if they are not facing a person, but swept up the thousands of troops, many people instinctively with lyu3 bu4 steps out of step.Xin Ping opened his mouth, Finally can only helplessly sigh, He agreed with the match, Cao Cao's conquest is now at a critical juncture, There is no room for error, Xu togeher is an unstable factor, Since has come to this step, even if not kill, also shouldn't let go, looking at lombardi, finally also can only euphemistically way: "master, xu ziyuan although there have been, but our army is now the time to use, northwest business tiger with seal wolf in xu tiger, business tiger, only with zhang he, falling in grant, may not be able to block, let xu togeher do meritorious service?"

Falling in to grant looked north of the wild goose gate, wry smile way: "lyu3 bu4 is coming!"And after crossing to this world, all the way, also has been to small fight big, so the marvel of the art of war, have their own views, or said."What's that noise? Is there an ambush in the court?" Daxi's brows frowned and he turned his head. But the Yinfeng Gorge was not straight. From here he could not see what was happening behind him. "Prepare for war," he said.长沙柒零叁网站建设|





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