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王露露|欧麦诗"CAI MAO children, leave! See CAI MAO, zhang fei eyes a bright, zhang eight snake spear like a black dragon in the hands of the dance up, excitedly horse rushed to CAI MAO."That xia hou yuan made a kind of strange blunt city car, the baffle is extremely thick, even if the god of war crossbow can not shoot through." Luneng smiled sadly."She said she was the general's mistress... "Said the maid, blushing.

To today's transportation, want to play the past consumption is too big, not worth, and even if down, communication also failed to keep pace with, although this five years lyu3 bu4 culture carrier pigeon, warhawk support, but also not reach so far, with its laborious to the offensive, rather than through economic means to plunder their resources, influence and control them from the economic aspect, such as science and technology really reached the step, to consider the question of whether or not to have to capture value.When gan ning was at the beginning of the training of the water army in the weishui river, lu bu intended to expand the navy, so he became a general of the horizontal sea and established a water village in liaodong and bohai sea. He gathered local skillful fishermen to form the navy and trained them in baiji.王露露|< / p > < p > xia houyuan side of the staff are mostly some jizhou scholars, the ability to say first, but knowledge is mostly good, at the moment from the hands of xia houyuan took the note, one eye is also a blank look.

王露露|"It's zhang liao! Xia houyuan eyes slightly a rin, zhang liao is not an easy opponent.The rules are similar to football, but not with the kick, the ball is a hollow wooden ball, each side has a goal, players with the hand club hit the polo, each other attack and defense, the ball into the other side's goal, a limited time, the goal of the most the party, win."The champion... Under the Lord's account, how many fierce generals!" Looking at, yu ban can not help but sigh a, in former days follow lu bu zhang liao gao shun not to say, now is this jizhou battlefield alone, ma chao, zhaoyun, ganning and which one is good with?

CAI shi did not panic, just a light look at CAI MAO: "don't be here."By the middle of may, the removal was settled. The six departments of rites, officials, army, labor, punishment and finance had all moved to luoyang, leaving only some necessary personnel to inform the merchants from chang 'an of these changes."Things can not be violated, should make some decisions!" "Said chua coolly.王露露|




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