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梧州碎尸案尚凝99祛斑原液"Commander?" Lv meng, puzzled, looked at zhou yu, but saw that zhou yu was pale and his eyes became glazed over. Commander wake up! Commander, wake up!""Naturally." Lv meng nodded, liu bei with 30,000 miscellaneous troops to attack the xiangyang with 20,000 troops stationed, but eventually at a very small price will be CAI kuai two family play disabled, 20,000 troops were almost taken down by liu bei, the war, with the military strategy what does not have a relationship, but undeniable, very exciting."The second master is at ease." The family will bow, put away the letter, and retire with a fist.

If you do not seal the king, it is against the decree and not respect, and it is also the reason for the princes to punish him. When did this big ear thief become so treacherous? Cao cao looked at the sight of wang Yin, for a moment, not to catch, not to catch, his heart face hate itchy teeth, but still maintain a smiling face."Why did general han come here? Gao shun nodded, looked at han DE confused behind the army, from close to find that han DE brought almost all the troops are hu people in the western regions."I've arranged that if you die, you don't have to worry about your family. Someone will take care of you!" Zhou yu looked at the crowd and took a deep breath and said, "get on the boat."梧州碎尸案"This, talk with me just, but don't say in front of others, be careful to provoke to kill oneself!" He took a deep look at lv meng, and zhou yu patted lv meng on the shoulder, saying, "remember, if I do not come back, if there is something I do not understand, please consult with lu xun more. The man's ability is not under me."

梧州碎尸案"Shoot arrows! Zhou yu looks at zhang fei, cold humph 1, this time, have half arrow however is rush toward zhang fei.< / p > < p > officers and soldiers quickly began to form a formation, a row of shields in front of the hand, behind is tens of thousands of crossbowmen holding strong crossbows, alert to the oncoming liu bei army."Well, the great thief was wise enough not to lose his army. Every day he was joined up with the beast, and rushed against the city with the siege ladder. It was safe, but after nearly two months of fighting, no one had even got to the top of the city before they drove him down!" Xia houyuan disdainful pie lip, for liu bei, is really bored with slanting, according to the detailed news, yi que pass equipment can not tiger prison pass so abnormal, if liu bei according to cao cao's play, maybe now yi que pass has changed the Lord, they do not need to attack so hard.

As seibel commanded, a team of guinness quickly to hold some savings, will stay in front of the shield wall to brace, responsible for the shield to shield the hand, the rapid retreat, followed by a group of sword and shield soldier quickly, although don't like to be able to build the shield of shield wall as a terrorist, but in the hands of the sword and shield hand shield also is very high, the shield to the front of the stand, only half of the head Lou in the outside, there are five feet five inches on each shield, thickness also has two fingers wide, also has a strong defense, and even can block an attack broken crossbows."No, not angry, not angry." Cao cao nodded, took a deep breath, turned his head to look at the xunyou new sent to his book zuo, see the appearance of the other side, a frown said: "I am still the first time to see the old book zuo, who are you?When lu bu and others came to the wall, the beasts had already rushed to the bottom of the wall. One by one, sharp arrows were shot down, but they were blocked by something like a turtle's shell. From the top of the wall, they looked like a huge hedgehog.梧州碎尸案




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