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2017可转债发行一览表大国医骨痛双贴"Wild man!" Wei yan said, disdain sneer at 1, although some regret not a wave of arrows rain will zhang fei to shoot to death, but see each other's soldiers rushed up so straightforward, also can't help but despise, this is no different from death.Said guan yu finally not easy to fight, look back, but see around only less than five hundred military forces, thirty thousand troops almost wiped out, after the first world war, jingzhou is also vitality hurt, guan yu dark hate in the heart, he left twenty thousand military forces in Yinling to consolidate food for himself, the moment with the troops went straight to Yinling.

"Qua can't be lost!" Tardif gnashed his teeth, the hand of the halberd, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to attack jingzhou soldiers killed, twist his head around, beside in addition to heqi, only a few guards are still fighting with jingzhou army."Why does the old general sigh? But what's wrong?" Zhuge liang puzzled to yan yan.2017可转债发行一览表He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces.

2017可转债发行一览表Guan yu on the tower, heard the attack on the south suddenly increased, not from sneer at a track: "tracing the cause of children, no more than so, life in the city of troops on the south side of the city to help!"Zhang fei personally tried, his zhang eight snake spear is very long, at the moment a spear poked in the past, explosive force is amazing, a foot soldier simply can't resist was a spear pierced his breastplate."Yes!"

"No." Wei shook his head."Hsieh-yun, open the gate!" Xie Cheng looked over the wall and shouted."To rescue General Wei?" Deng Xian hurriedly brought life.2017可转债发行一览表




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