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缇娜特纳拱门出租At this point, Yang fu turned to them and said, "if the families of the two good nephews want to do silk road business, they can also join in, but in terms of taxes, they will get 60% of the income."Cao cao's eyes opened wide and asked, "who could have such skill?""Father." Lv zheng slipped over a few steps and looked at lu bu.

One thing was certain: things would never go as he had hoped."Not again, general!" Lieutenant seen nothing yet, see the fontes anxious command soldiers add up, and then a pull fontes: ", it is just our offense, the seibel ferry is narrow, wield our people don't open, whereas seibel continuously with bow and arrow to shoot our army military forces, continue like this, how many horses are all each other enough to kill!""Two childe polite." Although the old man has a full head of hair, but the spirit is shining, a pair of old eyes but from time to time flashing jing awang, wen yan archway: "the old man is to help the two childe, tomorrow wait for me out of the city, the zhang liao cut at the horse, the latter two childe can lead the youzhou military horse south, help Lord gong ping lu bu, some achievement.缇娜特纳Is not seibel by coss, just plus above ground forces on the gap between the two sides natural advantages, let coss birth is in an impregnable position, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 is both playing with cao cao spent in jizhou, cao cao has also spent gradually transferred to the stability of jizhou and the situation in qingzhou, hay gradually tight, tuen mun and j thirty thousand troops, people eat a horse all day chewing, and j is too far away from xuchang, the way of consumption is a huge spending.

缇娜特纳As for the succession to liu cong, there is no difference between giving up the throne to CAI family. In his heart, liu biao still regards himself as the imperial clan.Chapter 37 homeHoarse voice sounded on the top of the mountain, as if from the nine deep voice of the general magic: "as the Lord, I have missed! Wen and Ben warned me!"

Just hold the situation as zhaoyun and this popped up, jingzhou has floundered, Ren Cai decided how to stop also cannot alter, three people like three constantly to jingzhou sharp sword for army contingents tear, CAI has slightly, while also difficult to three valiant soldier repeatedly to kill the enemy, and combined with ares crossbow roar before roaring provoked jingzhou in the morale of the fear, now see the enemy in Athens appear one by one, make the morale of this downturn is more.No matter what era, even the modern era advocating human rights, there is also a class division, but it is not so obvious. Lu bu, who has another world soul and experience, is fully aware of this. It is unrealistic and not necessarily a good thing to completely eliminate the class.Imperceptible in, lyu3 bu4 relies on on recliner, heavy sleep past, the body carries, the spirit also carries, but the heart is some tired however.缇娜特纳




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