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三多棋牌|长线放大器"Son clear need not much salute, how is the casualties of the battalion?" Lv bu sits on wide chair, looking at gao shunxiao to ask a way."Miss." Chen gong shook his head and looked at lu lingqi. "DE rong said before that you are more composed than before, but it seems that you are not.Tian feng walked into the conference hall with a sullen face, a clear and wordy face, and an indescribably angry face. At the moment when he saw yuan shao, he said angrily, "my Lord, the battle is about to begin with cao cao. ?"

"The ambition of the fall, there is no life!" Eight hundred in the strongest armor lead battalion of soldiers under the command of the seibel, column formations, roaring shout the slogan, knife shield, pike, bolt, under the command of the seibel lived like general, zhang he gathered the article 30 warships to play for two days, just can't gave the only eight hundred people in the ferry down, watch have passed the appointed time, zhang he anxiously, but helpless, in the sight of the army number is less, but whatever equipment, foot soldiers of the skill or are of the world's top generals command ability.Wolf qiang king sneer at a way: "with what? We have agreed to divide the war equally among us, and we have lost a great deal of money in this attack on the yuezhi, and you are hiding behind us, and now you are going to share more?""It is none of your business, madam." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, touch the sable cicada's belly, gently sigh, Addis if is man, even if she didn't want to, lyu3 bu4 will will he put on the battlefield, with a stick as son of lu bu, even losing my touch, at least, shouldn't we, unfortunately, only a daughter, have hao male heart, how let person some helpless.三多棋牌|Huns whole rout did not give up lu bu to kill, as lu bu a binge drinking, died in all four of their cases, the edge of the huns became to be slaughtered each lamb, lyu3 bu4 with force, maintaining relatively neat formation, slay and then wipe before again and again, a few days ago the scene to reappear in hetao plains, mighty army of huns was less than one 5 of the men chase after you kill yourself.

三多棋牌|No matter who wins or loses, lu bu must take the land of the two states and order wei yan to leave the town of heluo. Only in this way can he blockade the checkpoints with a small number of troops.Before the words could be uttered, the silver gun in lu lingqi's hand was empty, piercing the chest of ugotan and the astonished eyes of all.At the same time, hong nong, gao shun daying.

"Take your men and kill me!" Ma chao heaved a sigh of relief, this kind of time, choose to take the lead, more than half of the reason, or in the heart some guilty, Wolf qiang general answer let ma chao slightly relieved, at least these Wolf qiang do not know what happened.Han sui wen yan, also can only smile, indeed, at the beginning of the burning block qiang people have eighty thousand, can be said to be in full swing, but now, eighty thousand left less than fifty thousand, for han sui, I am afraid that already turned, burning block qiang now attitude is also in reason.General mansion, council chamber.三多棋牌|




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