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pta 上市公司柳州企业Lyu3 bu4 now have harmony is cool, nominally harmony Lord of the cold, but in fact, the land of the arms, belonging to harmony in the state of hedong, Hanoi and henan Yin is not under lyu3 bu4, in addition to the jiuquan liangzhou, dunhuang, zhang ye now three county belongs to half waste state, occupation is not difficult, but for now, lyu3 bu4 will have no energy to the county into their own, even if not occupied much sense."You are right. My men are better than you. Even if they don't want to be loyal to me, they wouldn't try me with such insolence. Lyu3 bu4 very approval of nod: "mo want to talk with me what character, a connect character and stupid all can't cent clear of person, is not qualified to say these.""Well!"

At the same time also can rob some huns woman, take with Wolf qiang and first zero qiang trade.Bamboo is alkaline saline seat, but later, the big fellow weak, in name only, the western regions and the proportion of han Chinese is too little, was in the king of bamboo, bamboo is established, although nominally to big fellow, is the big fellow territories, but in fact, with the big fellow renounce the court already has nearly hundred years, now Addis with lyu3 bu4 came running to her the identity of the western regions to protect."Oooooo oooooo oooooo"pta 上市公司"Yes, it is they. These dogs dare to attack our tribe and take away our women and belongings.

pta 上市公司"You threaten me? It's not up to you!" King tu stood up and his eyes grew dark.Lombardi was such a two people interrupt, chests that oppressed clearing, lamere and sitton is the main attack cao cao, nature do not change, let alone lombardi although sometimes indecisive, state-private, but brain haven't rust away thoroughly, in order to deal with cao cao, he's from lu bu in xuzhou, also has been deployed, the main do not light, only bing horses, in the preparedness of the conference semifinals at the same time, to be able to set aside thirty thousand troops has a lot of zhang he, how can then lamere sitton tone in the past?Not far away, on the head of a hill, jia xu looked at all this with a blank face.

Come back to life?A Wolf qiang naked woman rushed out of the tent, crazy beside a young bodies, tore heart crack lung of cry, three disheveled huns rushed out with a smile, from the tent her from behind a keep the white full body, want to go on, but see a curved knife broke the woman of snow-white skin, from the smooth back suddenly, violently into a face of astonishment of the huns in the body.After careful calculation, cao cao and lv bu were probably the only two who benefited from the whole four years of jian 'an. Cao cao cleared away the surrounding areas and occupied the central plain, which laid a solid foundation for his future competition for the world. Lv bu also found his own place and became a real vassal.pta 上市公司




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