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红旗漫漫txt干博士To yesterday, even gao shun also intervened in the war situation, surprise attack meng jin, want to drive cao cao's forces out of luoyang, but was cao ren see through, the failure."Back the mighty sea! < / p > < p > red rabbit horse carrying lv bu trotted to the front, with a halberd brandished, two weapons swing open.Is cao cao not angry? It is impossible for a man not to be angry if he is said to be a eunuch who manipulates power. However, cao cao clearly knows that if his flattery is to paralyze lu bu, then lu bu's words are to anger himself. Once a person is angry, he will lose his cool when doing things, so cao cao cannot be angry.

"Well!" More xi smell speech nodded, looked up to blow the horn.The old?"Mohism stresses universal love and non-aggression." Lv bu thought for a while and shook his head. "it's too ideal," he said. "now the world is in chaos and there is no soil for them to live on.红旗漫漫txt"I have business to attend to." Pang tong directly gave lu bu a back of the head, if others, even if lu bu did not say, the guard around me was also a knife split in the past, but at the moment, it is not strange, with lu bu side of the old man may also be able to see his own master for this ugly gentleman or very important.

红旗漫漫txtPang tong was sure that the equalization of land would be a great disturbance to the whole world, and..."Father ~" lv lingqi see lv bu, as the mouse saw the cat general, before that women do not let the spirit of men is instant vanish into thin air."Is it necessary for jiang dong to go to jingxiang again?" Lu lingqi sat beside zhaoyun, bitter road."Different from jingxiang, jiangdong is worth a try." Henton say with smile: "were it not for the sun ce die early, not necessarily will not become a second master, sun ce on the family's crackdown, weak in master, but died young, now the sun quan2 sit east six county, where the Yangtze itself, is to look easy, and the family power under the suppression of sun ce is not strong, therefore, to jiangdong invasion or very likely, the most important thing is, the tetrarch between now and jiangdong, no border, if to cao cao, jiangdong will surge pressure." Yang fu laughed.

"Alas ~" left ci see lv bu so determined, can only slightly a sigh, groped for a moment from the arms, took out a bamboo paper, hand a drag, in the eyes of everyone surprised, the bamboo paper floating to lv bu.It's just...Cao cao DiaoDou, stroking the body a few violent shaking, is also a pale, look down at the moment, they saw the first camp has washed out nearly half, but also help cao cao hindered the impact of the floods, make two other camps preserve, look, just the brotherhood of the Wolf also yuan jun, the heap at the moment is only on the yuan jun in front of the camp, however, have been flooding in the die, the country has accumulated nearly march get water once broke out at the moment, no horse power, the impact alone, it is enough people living shoot to death, the whole camp barriers around, all full of residual limb brokeback, most is yuan jun, But there are also a lot of cao soldiers accidentally swept in, under the squeeze of the water and the fort.红旗漫漫txt




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