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四平青年王琳|金考网上阅卷He doesn't have too many people on hand now, especially Zhuge Liang, Ma Su has also been sent by him to instigate rebellion against the Chengdu family, But Ma Liang's ability in the internal affairs is also good, he wants to control the overall situation, but the side effect of Zhuge Liang's ability is not to reach a certain level of people with uncomfortable, always feel that the other party will do something wrong, will Jiangzhou entrusted to Ma Liang, for Zhuge Liang, is also a way of no way.Qua, guan yu after eating a meal, has gone to sleep, xing Daorong received tracing the cause of the arrival of the army, although some unbearable, will still wake up guan yu, this time, no guan yu sit not?Thirty thousand troops, finally follow guan yu escaped from the city is less than five hundred, qu'a city, tracing the cause quickly commanded the soldiers blockade the gate, trapped guan yu's military forces in the city, many jingzhou defenders saw guan yu escape, morale immediately fell, many people began to kneel down, please drop.

According to Zhang Fei's experience, Normally, if a crossbowman gets close, Then of course it's going to be a mercury diarrhea, With one gusto, Kill the enemy until they fall apart, But when the real battle is over, The one-sided picture did not emerge, the seemingly flawed army, At the beginning of the battle, as embedded in their own small gyroscope general crazy spin up, the chop sword is designed after, suitable for step length, some similar to later samurai knife, and the local sergeant's skills are not much, is a move sweep, a knife, quickly retreat, then another person to continue sweeping...."Even a defeated general dares to be reckless!" Guan Yong a foot kick in wu into the leg, directly into wu kicked on the ground.四平青年王琳|"Yes!" Zhang Fei smell speech, eyes a bright.

四平青年王琳|"This..." He Qiwen speech, can't help but smile, will guan yu how to play tired soldiers, despise morale, and then raided the broken city again, although not guan yu intended, but from the results, it is so."This man 's archery is remarkable!" Xing Daorong glanced at the handsome banner and exclaimed, "Looking at the world, I'm afraid only General Huang Zhong's shotgun can match this man's.""Back to the general, this man is a former general in shu, general zhang ren, who is as famous as general yan." The shu will smell speech, hurriedly replied.

Tardif has not yet begun to call, was Xing Daorong with thousands of elite to drive back, but also more confirmed tardif heart guess, guan yu at the moment, I'm afraid has been unable to use force, otherwise with guan yu's character, can't let him a lieutenant run out."How do you... how do you stay?" Wu jin some harsh way."Ah?" Xing Daorong some anxious, at this time is high morale, the morale of the enemy is low, just broken city, how can give up, but see guan yu look different, dare not violate, hurriedly ordered the soldiers back to camp.四平青年王琳|




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