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路易艾玛姜老太鼻康膜As for the promotion status obtained by the award of another star growth opportunity is targeted at lv bu personal, immediately promote lv bu four-dimensional attributes of any of the same did not reach the five-star attributes of a star!"Lord, that month's shi we be to save or not to save?" Pound asked.Tu can hardly believe that I have seen the king, why so much Chinese weapons, three hundred life will give their eight thousand warriors to stop here, 50 step distance, became a inviolable ravines, hammering as if the flood hit on a solid rock, splashing spray - blood wave, tu the pride of the mighty, like rushing to die general forward JianCu with his own body to accept each other.

"What is it?" Liu bao complexion is gloomy way, first zero qiang has 6000 person of control string, this liu bao nature is clear, but also did not think of ha mu son just past drive back come back, still lost many soldiers and horses., a title of generals in ancient times the camp victory is not an accident, in addition to solid double armor, just for a moment of time, a title of generals in ancient times the camp shot up nearly four thousand JianCu, tu each year, out of the city, after also not arrayed, it's so noisy so blunt come up, to be a title of generals in ancient times the camp only rhubarb and row crossbow crossbows will kill the casualties of more than half, demoralized, but just for a moment of kung fu, JianCu also is not a small number of the consumption.路易艾玛"Uptown! Open the gate!" Lyu3 bu4 listen to above spread of fight to kill voice, knit a frown, this Yang ding have some ability, ordinary soldier can't kill him, the city now don't know is what situation, he can't interest to wait for the dust settle down here.

路易艾玛To say juyi contribution is not too small, but this person has a not fault fault, after meritorious service, do not know how to convergence, but a little self-relying on the high, no more than the meaning of the son, even to yuan shao, is not as respectful as before.Chapter 44 misery'more than that, Sir! Zhou cang will jia xu down, the horse will be tied to the side of the post, go to the rear of the horse, a horse leg to pick up: "Sir Look at this.

Lyu3 bu4 did not comment about it, special operations has sprout in this era, such as lead seibel camp, cao cao's butch ride, has become a charming righteousness from history, in a sense, is the era of the special, the value of such a force exists, the consumption of the battlefield is not for us."My Lord! It's the elder lady!" Among the four guards, one guard listened for a long time, it is to be able to pass flavor, take a group of female soldiers to sneak into the camp at night to cut off the head, is not that their big lady?This group of female soldiers, there are more than 10 from the general house maid picked out, but more is taking every month lyu3 ling3 qi4 give oneself of month offer a little saved.路易艾玛




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