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造梦西游无敌版甘蔗网|水泥地面裂缝处理Huh! Only TuGe, when the king they come back, must pay the price of these bastards.Chicken dog don't stay, of course, is just a slogan, with lyu3 bu4 now thirst for the population, wei yan believe, if he really dare to do that, lyu3 bu4 will definitely let him raise his head to see, but not hinder the slogan shouted out, at least look at the city's garrison retreating, the effect is good.

"Poof-poof-poof ~""Hmm?" Lyu3 bu4 stare back.The interior layout is simple and elegant, in addition to a wolf skin looks some eye-catching, other places are quite different from the Han style, and even a bed.造梦西游无敌版甘蔗网|Cao Peng smell speech, look a hermit, naive scratching his head: "Who would have thought that Wei Yan but lyu3 bu4 under a member of the unknown generals, unexpectedly have such ability."

造梦西游无敌版甘蔗网|"Mr. Yuan Chang!" The burly general turned and dismounted. He kicked the headless corpse away and frowned at the middle-aged scribe. "Brother," he said, "let me come at your disposal, but you shouldn't have done that."Wei Yanwen speech picked up eyebrows, the two men are brave, but not general, but also shows that zhang liao has no other thoughts, otherwise it is not He Yi He Man, but tube hai or zhang liao personally come over."Come on, Yunchang, this is that first time we 've had a banquet together, and we' re goe to fill this cup." During the banquet, in the jealous eyes of many other generals, cao cao frequently toasted guan yu.

"Enough!" Chen Xing, however, laughed and said, "It reminds me of how my master cheated on Jun in Xuzhou and broke through.""It's all up to... Husband." For lyu3 bu4 arrangement, wen-chi did not struggle, as a woman of this age, although the name spread far and wide, but fate is too rough, or, wen-chi has accepted, to become lyu3 bu4 woman, there is not too much resistance.造梦西游无敌版甘蔗网|




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