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fset324|兰蔲清脂酵素Jun big tent, in front of liu bei and others, cao cao did not ask xh battle damage, but even don't ask, the battle brought together under cao cao's most elite fifty thousand troops, this also is not what glorious things, more important is the war brings to the governors big blow, seibel is gone, but the somebody else's time, perhaps because of physical run out of these reasons, but it is a battle, jun really not win.Chapter 62 pound VS guan yuThen cao cao placed wang Yin in a special tent and asked the princes to choose 200 soldiers to guard the song mountain.

"To obey the orders of the emperor uncle." Liu xun nodded and took leave of cao cao, followed by liu bei's men.On the eighth day of march, liu bei qin led guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao, a strategist, to join the alliance. However, on the songshan mountain, flags were planted all over the place. Numerous flags fluttered in the wind, showing a solemn and solemn atmosphere."What do you mean? Shaking his head, pang tong said with a smile, "what do you think faxiao went straight to shu for?"fset324|At a distance, a rider was seen galloping over the post road. Behind him, several shadows were approaching rapidly.

fset324|Lyu3 bu4 can get great success on the average-land system, because lu bu has been completely abandoned by the family, and at that time, changan, west cool li deserted, plus lyu3 bu4 turf is his hard, has the very high prestige, lyu3 bu4 would completely under the condition of without external interference, will own a set of completely spread.Lv meng studied for a long time, also did not want to understand what happened that day? What does it have to do with the capture of jingzhou?"My Lord, I am afraid there is something under the wooden armor that supports it, not human power!" Ma jun stood beside lu bu, pointing to a wooden armor road that was storming the gate.

"Well, the great thief was wise enough not to lose his army. Every day he was joined up with the beast, and rushed against the city with the siege ladder. It was safe, but after nearly two months of fighting, no one had even got to the top of the city before they drove him down!" Xia houyuan disdainful pie lip, for liu bei, is really bored with slanting, according to the detailed news, yi que pass equipment can not tiger prison pass so abnormal, if liu bei according to cao cao's play, maybe now yi que pass has changed the Lord, they do not need to attack so hard.Fell on the shield is good, at least can hold off, but if it falls in the crowd, instant flying, can to people, the most terrible is not power, but the other side of the ballista could continuously put arrows, so only a moment of time had already sent out a dozen hair, much of the front shield hand already hit fly up, the pound frightened, you know, xiaohong, now made of the best even crossbows, but also can even shot five hair, and precision"Rocket, shoot! Pound snorted angrily, taking advantage of the pause.fset324|




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