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纯粹网手机 山寨 新款"Kill!""I meant it." Zhuge liang nodded: "but after seeing the governor, liang knew that it was an insult to the governor."If you want to imitate ford, you have to imitate the image, not the face, but a lot of information about ford.

"Zhong mou is afraid of me, and unlike bo fu, zhong mou's means are quite cruel and spicy, especially to his own people." Zhou yu sighed and said, "of course, I have been collecting firewood and mulberry for years. I made up my mind to take over jingxiang.< / p > < p > yi quanguo, sun jing with sun yi and a few close guard, gape at guan yu was so driven sheep general away, sun yi swallowed mouth water, see sun jingdao: "uncle, just what is that jar?"General "rest assured, these are all of the new recruit up military forces, last year, the master had to recruit in western area, opened ten thousand han places, as long as can set exploits, was allowed into the han, the western area, master this time, the western regions hundreds of purveyance Hu Bing, were it not for gathering military forces and training delayed some time, I'm afraid I have to!"纯粹网Langzhong, zhang ren outside the camp, at the moment was tied up by five flowers kneeling a dozen people, these are these days to want to escape back to chengdu army generals.

纯粹网Seeing that the matter of wang Yin had come to an end, sun jing looked at the crowd with a smile and said, "as the saying goes, the snake does not walk without its head, and the bird does not fly without its head.< / p > < p > on the other side, guan yu with hundreds of residual troops back to jingzhou army battalion, liu bei saw guan yu a face embarrassed back, and then did not speak, directly fell on his knees in front of liu bei, not surprised: "cloud long, why so?"No, but if this war is defeated, within ten years, we should not act rashly and miss the opportunity to unify the world!" Lv bu shook his head, holding his son's shoulder to see the sky.

Two crossbow soldiers darted out of the two wings and did not advance. After avoiding the flaming crossbow wagons, the jingzhou troops behind the crossbows fired wildly."I've arranged that if you die, you don't have to worry about your family. Someone will take care of you!" Zhou yu looked at the crowd and took a deep breath and said, "get on the boat."...纯粹网




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